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Can a traveller cancel a reservation?

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A traveller can cancel their reservation through their traveller account if they are eligible for a 100% refund. They will receive the refund based on the stated cancellation policy you have set up within the Rules & Policies section of your account.

If a traveller is not eligible for a 100% refund, they can request to cancel the booking from their account. Additionally, they can request to cancel from their account if they booked prior to you having a cancellation policy set up in the Rules & Policies section of your account. In these cases, once you receive the email with the traveller’s request to cancel, you must process the cancellation in your account and issue any eligible refund in accordance with your cancellation policy.

Cancellations initiated directly by the traveller or through a cancellation request do not reflect in your Ranking Metrics.

If a traveller contacts you directly to cancel a booking, you should direct them to their account to cancel or request to cancel their reservation. If you cancel without receiving a formal traveller initiated cancellation request, then the cancellation will reflect in your Ranking Metrics regardless of the cancellation reason you select. When a traveller submits a formal cancellation request, the booking status will show as Cancellation Requested in your Inbox.