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Can guests be reviewed?

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Owners and property managers can rate their guests who book and pay through our sites. These ratings are shown as an average to owners when a traveller submits a booking request. If the traveller has been reviewed by previous owners, the average will appear at the top of the conversation in the owner or manager’s Inbox.

If the traveller books and pays using our website, the owner or property manager will  see a card in their marketplace feed to review their guests on checkout day. If the owners have not reviewed their guests, they will receive an email three days after the stay. The owner can rate the traveller from one to five stars on their overall experience, cleanliness, communication, and adherence to house rules. There are no text boxes.

The traveller and owner or property manager have one year to provide their review. However, once one party submits their review, the other party has 14 days to complete their review. The reviews are private during this 14-day period. Once the 14 days elapse or both parties complete their reviews, the reviews will go live on the site. After the reviews have been published, both parties cannot edit their reviews.

Ratings of travellers are not public; owners and property managers can view the average star rating of travellers with whom they are corresponding. Once a booking has been completed, owners will continue to have access to the average star rating of that traveller. Other travellers and owners who are not in a conversation with the traveller will not be able to view the traveller’s rating. Travellers who receive ratings will be able to see their ratings within their profile.