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How do I request a review from a past traveller?

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Easy Holiday Rentals assists by soliciting reviews from guests who booked online on your behalf. If the traveller has booked online, they will receive an email the day of checkout.  Follow up emails are sent after checkout if they still have not written a review. Guests can also submit a review in the My Trips section of their traveller account.

To send a traveller a customized request for a review

  1. If you have more than one listing, select the appropriate listing
  2. Click the Inbox icon in the left navigation menu
  3. Click on the appropriate Post Stay reservation
  4. By default, the Request Review template will be selected
  5. Customize the message as desired
  6. Click Request Review

To send a customised review request from the Reviews page:

  1. Click Property
  2. Click Reviews
  3. Locate the traveller you want to send a review request
  4. Click Request review
  5. Customise the message as desired
  6. Click Send request

If the guest has already submitted a review, the Request Review template will not appear as an option. If you submit a guest rating and 14 days pass without the guest submitting a review of your property, they are no longer eligible to write a review and any links previously sent will not work.