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How does the review system work?

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Our two-way review system allows travellers and owners to rate their whole experience after the stay is completed. To ensure that all reviews on our site are unbiased and truthfully reflect each experience, our review process prevents travellers or owners from viewing one another’s rating before it is live and prevents each party from editing their rating afterward.

  • To be eligible to review a property, a traveller must be over 18 years old, must book and pay for the stay through our website, and must stay at the booked property. See full guidelines for details.
  • After the stay is complete, travellers and owners receive an email with a link to review their experience. Only one member of the rental party can leave a review.
  • Property owners and managers can also review guests in their Marketplace Feed and Reviews page, and guests can submit reviews through their traveller profile.
  • Neither party will be able to see each other’s ratings until both have submitted their review or until the submission period of 14 days has ended.
  • A traveller, property owner, or manager can submit a review up to a year from the date of stay, however, if one party provides their review at any point prior, the other party has 14 days to write their review.
  • A review cannot be edited once it has been submitted. If the reviews meet all other Content Guidelines, they will be published.
  • Property owners and managers can respond to traveller reviews but may not review the property themselves.
  • If a property owner, manager, or a traveller wants to remove a review that they submitted, they can contact our Customer Service team and ask to get it removed. However, they will not be able to resubmit a new review because they are able to view their counterpart’s rating.