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Top Tips For Writing About Your Rental Property

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The first few lines someone reads about your property are absolutely crucial. They decide whether people read on, or move on. Here’s how to keep them reading:

  1. Say something about the location as well as the property in the very first paragraph. People tend to choose location first, accommodation second.
  2. Write a compelling headline. Less ‘Holiday cottage with off-street parking’, more: ‘Romantic hideaway between moor and sea’, ‘Stunning views from the highest house in Bonnieux’, etc.
  3. Keep paragraphs short, if possible with one idea per paragraph – it makes it much easier on the eye when you are reading from a screen.
  4. People read picture captions, so use them well. A descriptive caption can alter a picture’s meaning. Appeal to stomachs: e.g. ‘The garden is perfect for long, lazy lunches’. Or to families: ‘Kids can run around all day in the garden’.
  5. Remember, when it comes to writing: less is more. Go through your copy and delete superfluous words – words whose absence does not alter the meaning can go.
  6. People love to read lists. Like this one. Easier to read and easier to understand.
  7. Write as if to one person, and tell them how they will benefit. Instead of ‘The pool is heated year-round’ try: ‘You’ll love the pool -we keep it at 76 degrees all year long’. ‘You’ and ‘your ‘ are important words.
  8. Give it a human voice, because people like to be reassured that you really exist – there is still a distrust of the internet for important transactions. Bring yourself into the copy, use ‘I’ and ‘we’ to personalise it.
  9. Don’t be afraid of humour. Humour is one of the best ways to get a reader to trust you and respond positively.
  10. Use complimentary comments from your guest-book – if it works outside theatres it can work for you!