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What are Smishing and Vishing?

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Both Smishing and Vishing are forms of Internet Phishing.


“Smishing” stands for SMS Phishing. Similar to phishing, a message with an urgent tone is sent to the user to take action. With Smishing, a text message is sent to the user’s phone instead of email account. The text message usually asks the user to call a phone number or go to a Website to take immediate action. The phone number is often answered by an automated response system. The user is asked to provide private information such as passwords or credit card information to take action. Do not click on the link or call the number.


When a fraudster creates an automated voice system to make voice calls to phone users to ask for private information it is called Vishing or Voice Phishing. The intent is the same as with email phishing or SMS phishing, the voice call creates a sense of urgency for the user to take action and provide information to do so. Never provide any information to automated voice system. Also note that is it is easy for a scammer to create a fake caller ID to pretend to be someone else.
Never provide any account information if you did not originate the phone call.