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What are the listing guidelines?

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General content guidelines
Use the fields in the listing editor for their intended purpose. The following types of information are not permitted in text areas of your listing (unless otherwise indicated by field names):

  • Company names
  • URLs such as
  • HTML
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Property addresses

Multiple units

  • Each listing may advertise no more than one rental unit.
  • The property description is used for the advertised unit only. Do not use the property description fields to describe additional units.

General guidelines

  • A listing must accurately portray the rental.
  • The advertising region selected for a listing must be as exact as possible.
  • Listings may not contain information copied from another listing.
  • Listing content must comply with our Marketplace Standards.
  • We allow one listing subscription per property for each account across all of our global sites.

Description tab

  • Headline: minimum of 20 characters
  • Description: minimum of 400 characters

We will place a listing on hold if it does not contain the minimum content.