Pay-per-booking listings are required to use our payments system for all bookings. Our payment platform can be used in the vast majority of countries with the exception of bank accounts or billing addresses in countries sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Affairs Controls (OFAC).

Our system monitors a variety of indicators of your listing performance to ensure that you are compliant with the terms and conditions. If it appears you might be breaking these terms, we will send you an email. After 30 days if you have not improved your performance, your listing may be removed from the website.

Tips for staying in compliance:

  • Process all bookings using our payments system.
  • Increase the likelihood of bookings by:
    • Improving the quality of your listing(s) to get more travellers to enquire and book.
    • Responding quickly to enquiries and bookings. Remember, booking requests need to be accepted or declined within 24 hours.
    • Making sure your calendar is blocked for days that you are not renting so that travellers will not enquire or request a reservation on those days
  • If you are not currently accepting bookings, consider hiding your listing until you are ready to accept bookings again.
  • Be aware that you must send a payment request with all quotes.
  • You have the option to change to an annual subscription at any time.
  • Please note that if you do switch to a subscription model, any bookings made while under the pay-per-booking model will be subject to pay-per-booking rules and constraints.