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What is the map pin?

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What is the map pin?
The map pin identifies the area that your property is located. You have two options (Exact Pin and Approximate Pin) for how the map pin displays on your listing.

What is the difference between Exact Pin and Approximate Pin options?
The Exact Pin option is placed as accurately as possible using the latitude and longitude of your property.
The Approximate Pin option will highlight an area that indicates the approximate area that the property is located.

Why is the map pin required?
The map pin helps provide information that travellers find necessary in deciding if your property is in an area they would like to stay. It can also give an indication of what type of shops and services the traveller can expect to use while on their trip.

What will travellers see if I share my Exact Pin location?
By showing your Exact Pin location, you will get a larger teardrop shaped pin that will appear on map based search results.

What happens if I do not choose to show my exact location?
On map based search, you will get smaller pin that is not displayed over the exact location of your property. When a traveller selects your pin, they will see an approximate radius of where your property is located so they can not decipher the exact location.
On your property page, travellers will be displayed an area overlay of the radius of your property.

Do you display my property address on the map?
No. Your property address is never shown.

Can I move my map pin?
If your listing has not gone live yet you can change your property address and / or map pin. If your listing has already gone live, you must contact Customer Support for assistance.

Why is my pin not showing on the map?
Not all properties can be displayed on the map at the same time. The level of zoom the traveller selects when looking at properties will determine which pins are visible. The pins shown to the traveller at each zoom level are based on our ranking system. This is to provide an efficient experience for travellers by showing properties that are most likely to be booked.

How many properties can be visible in the new map searches?
When searching travellers can zoom in on the map view to focus on a specific area. At each level of zoom a maximum of 50 map pins will be displayed.