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What is the Registration Number field in my account ?

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The following information is provided for your convenience only. HomeAway gives no guarantee whatsoever that this content is accurate or up-to-date. HomeAway recommends that you seek professional advice to make sure you are fully compliant with all applicable laws in the region where you operate.

How can I add my rental registration number to my HomeAway listing?
If you already have a registration number, you can add it to your listing from your HomeAway account. We recommend adding your number to the dedicated field of your listing description, rather than displaying it in the description of your property. If you have more than one number to display, we recommend entering both numbers separated by a comma.

To add your registration number:

  1. Login to your HomeAway account.
  2. If you have more than one listing, click on the one you want to edit.
  3. Click the Property icon to expand the left navigation menu
  4. Click Edit Property.
  5. For single-unit listings, click Description.
    • For multiple unit listings, click Units – facilities, rates, calendar.
  6. Go to Registration Number.
  7. Enter your number.
  8. Click Save.

Where and why should I have a rental registration number when advertising my property?
When starting to rent your property for short terms, the Tourism regulations of some countries and regions require a registration or license number. This registration number must be displayed on any advertisement, including your listing on HomeAway. Please do so by filling the registration number field in your account.

Countries/Regions that a require a registration number to be displayed on your listing :

North America

*There are two fields required for registration in Miami Beach, FL. For more information on Business Tax Receipt number click here. For more information Resort Tax Registration Certificate number click here.
**There are two fields required for registration in Palm Beach County, FL. For more information on the Tourist Development Tax, click here. For more information on the Business Tax Receipt for short-term rentals, click here.
Rest of the World

Partners in France must also declare if their property is a primary or secondary home.

Am I obliged to display a rental registration number? What are the risks of not having a registration number?
Yes, Tourism Laws of certain specific areas have introduced the obligation for owners and property managers to include the registration number in any kind of advertisement. If you do not display the registration number you may be subject to fines depending on the location of your property. Please remember that you must ensure that you comply with local regulations. Please note: in some areas where a registration number is not required, you may still need to complete the Registration Number form in your dashboard for your listing to go live. In these instances, simply state that you do not have a number and proceed to the end of the form.