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Why am I being asked to provide additional address information?

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Travellers tells us that when making a booking decisions they would like to have a better idea of where a property is located compared to where they would like to stay. Meeting this need requires releasing new features that rely heavily on the accuracy of the location data for each property.
All new listings require the following:
  • Country.
  • Street address- this typically contains both the street name and the house number. The format for this field varies by country.
  • City – also referred to as a locality, town, village, or settlement.
  • Postal Code (select countries)
  • Map pin
We are also checking to make sure that the latitude and longitude is consistent with the country, geographic market of the property, and (when applicable) the address provided. Once your listings are up and running, you should confirm that you are in the correct geography by doing some spot checking.
In a few months, the HomeAway platform will start checking and potentially blocking some listings if the latitude and longitude do not match the country and address provided.
If you are a property manager managing your listings from within your own software you may be asked to provide additional address information for your listings, including longitude and latitude in decimal degree format, preferably with at least six decimal places.