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Why are there more properties available in my area?

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There are always a variety of reasons new listings appear within your location. They could be brand new listings to HomeAway, or we may have recently updated some location information.

To help maximise the number of travellers who find a relevant property to book, search looks at a property’s location and may include them in additional relevant advertising regions based on traveller demand. This determination is generally based on what area travellers search and where they ultimately book. Map searches are based on the actual location instead of the selected advertising region on the dashboard.  The map view will display all listings within the latitude/longitude coordinates for the specific regional location as well.  In addition, your listing may be included in nearby search results when using the keyword search.

In addition, we are also optimising search results based on our ranking system. Since each traveller and search is unique, search results will vary, and the search placement will be dynamic. For example, if a traveller searches for Miami and are frequently booking in Miami Beach, listings from Miami Beach may begin to appear for travellers who search Miami.