Rolex Yacht Master gebraucht


Equipped with 4130 automatic winding movement with parachute hair body. Rolex Yacht Master gebraucht The 6616 is paired with white gold at the chest, half-cut willow-leaf hands without a drum face, and the hand-made South American alligator leather strap, adding more colors to the look. Rolex Yacht Master gebraucht
The diameter of the stainless steel case is 40 mm and the size is small. Viewing is not easy for ordinary people, and friends like it can be sick. They rely on their beliefs and care about the feelings of those around them. Rolex Yacht Master gebraucht Many brothers have tried it with good results. When the launch of the new Radiomir8 day ceramic-45mm 8-day energy storage ceramic watch.

Here and then put it on a belt tied by Hermes' craftsmen. especially the zipper design improves safety and privacy. The phone is adorned with the long hands and the minute hands are treated with fluorescence, and in addition to the orange hands, show a sense of movement. self-winding, Gyromax balance wheel and Spiromax balance spring, 35-45 hours power reserve.

The clean and simple design, the curved double-sided anti-glare liquid crystal treatment makes the watch clearer and more distinguishable, and the luxurious and elegant white lacquer finish. For the model of the watch face, it is divided into three categories.

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