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Japan on a budget: readers’ travel tips

The perception that Japan is an expensive destination is challenged by our tipsters, who find 70p sushi delivered by robot, cheap internal flights, all-you-can-drink-deals and friendly hostels

Naoshima, the jewel of Japan’s art islands and an easy one-hour train journey from Kyoto or Osaka, has museums ranging from a gallery hotel to art installations. Free buses take you around the art locations and to an amazing art-filled sento bathhouse (£4.40), complete with full-size elephant sculptures overlooking the baths. Staying in the Benesse Foundation’s hotels is very pricey (from £250) but there is a fantastic alternative a very short walk from the key art sites and beautiful: Tsutsuji-so’s yurts (£25-£30 per person per night). They are private, traditional Mongolian tents with proper beds.
Pat Kirby

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