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Welcoming holidaymakers into a holiday home involves a number of responsibilities.

To ensure that your guests’ stay is spent as comfortable as possible and the accommodation meets any mandatory requirements, we’ve put together some recommendations and tips.

Please note that the content provided below is purely informative and should not be taken as legal advice.
If you have any questions regarding applicable rules, you should undertake your own enquiries and contact the relevant government department, local agency or seek independent advice from a solicitor or accountant.


How to preserve the quiet of your neighbourhood

To be considerate of your neighbours, it may be useful to remind your guests of ways in which they can respect the quiet of the neighbourhood while there are staying in your property.

Below you will find examples of rules that you can share with your guests upon arrival (by giving them an explanatory sheet or making them available visibly in the holiday home). These rules will be even more useful if your property is in an apartment block.

Specific information about your apartment:

It is always useful to inform guests about the specifics of each apartment, such as:

  • Indicate the area where rubbish collection takes place;
  • Request that they are respectful when in common areas, such as avoid carrying luggage on a staircase, not slamming the door, not running on stairs, etc.

What is the ideal behaviour of guests in my apartment?

In being mindful of your neighbours, it’s also important to consider what is appropriate behaviour inside the apartment.

You may therefore wish to ask your guests to:

  • Keep in mind the times when neighbours may be sleeping, and limit noise accordingly (especially before 7am and after 10pm)
  • Not make noise inside the apartment that will inevitably disturb your neighbours (such as raising high-volume music, slamming doors, talking too high in the open windows, dropping objects on the floor, and walking in heels etc)

Obligations for operating a holiday rental property

Each owner is required to enquire about any relevant regulations in force which may be applicable to their property.

We are not responsible for the failure of any owner to respect relevant regulations.